New Year, New Money

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe it is already 2017! Wow, the time is sure flying by. It seems like yesterday that we were literally just stepping into 2016. With all due respect to 2016, I am beyond glad it is over.

Even though 2016 was not as bad money wise for me, but it could have been better. This year is going to shape up into a great year. I have a lot of plans for saving money while also getting out of debt.

If all goes to plan I should have both credit cards paid off. The first should be done and over with by April and the second should be done and over with by August. Many people think when paying off debt, you should not spend any money and put all the money towards set debt. But in my mind, I don’t quite wrap my head around that concept.

Why use all your extra money to pay down your debt when you can also be putting some money a side to fund your emergency fund. You don’t want to be up shit’s creek without a paddle and again be in credit card debt again, or do you?

At least to me, I rather do save for said emergency fund and pay off the debt at the same time. Yes, it will be hard some days, but in the end it will be worth it to me.

Along with my $200 a month savings I am forcing myself to save, I plan on doing the ‘Penny A Day’ challenge and the ‘52 Week Money’ challenge. This will be added onto my $200 monthly savings and help me fund my savings account even faster.

Without further ado, here is to a fabulous New Year with lots of money and less debt!

Amanda is a Florida raised, theme park junkie, furmom extraordinaire. She loves a good adventure with a side of food. You can find her planning her next trip or vegging on the couch with her sidekick (and baby), Bella!

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