34 Ways to Make Legitimate Money Online This Summer

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Summer time can equal a stressful time for those who work at home. If you are lucky enough to have a job from home, you know how summers go, children want to play, children don’t quite get mommy or daddy have to sit on their job to put food on the table. However, that is not always the case for some parents. There are legitimate ways you can make money on your own schedule, for instance, if your child wants to go to the park or build forts and watch movies, you can stop what you are doing and enjoy those moments.

Caregiver opportunities

Caregiver, home sitting, and pet sitting opportunities are the best. You may even know a few family and friends that are going on vacation this summer that may need your services, so why not offer your services before they find someone else? If you are looking to snag up a few more gigs this summer you will want to check out these sites.

  1. Care.com
  2. PetSitter.com
  3. GreatAupair.com

Tutoring online or in person

Did you know tutoring can be a very rewarding job? Tutors are in high demand. Parents want tutors for their children for all subjects, all year along. As a tutor, you will find the more subjects you are diverse in the better pay, you will have and the more pupils you tutor. That being said, you can tutor online on a variety of sites. Most sites do recommend that you have a degree in the field you are looking to tutor in. Plus, you will need a webcam and mic, if your computer doesn’t already have one. The top tutoring sites you will want to check out are:

  1. Wyzant.com
  2. Tutor.com
  3. Chegg Tutors

Handyman projects

Are you handy? Handymen are always needed no matter what time of year. If you like fixing things and could use the extra money, you will definitely want to sign up to these sites below. Not only will you be making some money, but you will also be building a client base. Here are some sites to help you get started.

  1. TaskRabbit.com
  2. Thumbtack.com
  3. DoMyStuff.com

Rent out your home or spare rooms

Do you have a winter or summer home? Perhaps you have a spare bedroom? Whatever your situation may be, you can rent out your home or even a spare room for extra income. There are many sites that offer these services, but the best ones are:

  1. AirBnB.com
  2. HomeAway
  3. VRBO

Rent out your vehicle

Of course, you’ve heard of driving people around town, but did you know you can even rent out your vehicle too? If you find yourself not using your car a lot, you will want to look into these sites and check out the insurance requirements to see if it will be worth it for your situation.

  1. Turo.com
  2. GetAround.com

Give people rides

You’ve probably heard that you can use your car to drive around people. Some people can make full-time incomes just driving a few days a week. This is a great supplement to any income because you drive when you can! Of course, before applying, you will want to make sure your car and insurance meets the requirements.

  1. Uber.com
  2. Lyft.com

Lease out other things you own

Do you have items that you do not use often, but you still keep them for the time you may need to use them? Well, instead of them taking up prime real estate, why don’t you lease them out? You can still keep them, but also make a few bucks here and there! Here are some top sites that will allow you to lease out things that you own:

  1. ShareDesk.net
  2. Spinlister.com
  3. StoreWithMe.com

Online Freelance Work

Freelancing is the most common way to make a living on the internet. Freelancing can be anything from graphic design, writing, photography, transcription, virtual assistant, and much, much more. Whatever marketable skill you may have, there is a field for it! There are many, and I mean many, freelance sites, but here are, the more well-known ones to help you get started.

  1. Fiverr.com
  2. SEOClerk.com
  3. PeoplePerHour.com
  4. Upwork.com
  5. Freelancer.com
  6. Guru.com
  7. FreelancerNation.com
  8. 99designs.com

Project-based income/Pay-Per-Task

Have you ever thought about if your boss would pay you every time you did a task, you would be on the winning side? Have you ever heard about people being paid-per-task and they work when they want, and most of the time make more than you? Well, there are many pay-per-task sites out there, but here are, the more reputable ones that will bring in the most money.

  1. UserTesting.com
  2. BestMark.com
  3. MechanicalTurk.com
  4. Postloop.com

Sell photos online

Are you a photographer in your spare time? Have all your friends told you, you need to start doing this professionally? Well, to get your feet wet, there are many sites that will pay you for your photos. This can help you get started and boost up your confidence, not to mention, you can work when you want and have time.

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