New Year, New Money 2017: Reflection? Update?

At the beginning of the year, I had high hopes for this year. It was going to be MY year. I was going to accomplish paying off my credit card debt. I was going to have a big savings account.

Did that happen?


Am I upset?


This year may not have been what I wanted money wise, but it offered a lot of insight for me in other aspects.

I’ve learned that dogs can get bladder stones and how costly that truly is. I’ve went on numerous trips. Notably to Solomon’s Castle and Walt Disney World. But best of all, I am still here. I am happy and I am healthy. Each day, I learn a new thing about me that I didn’t know before. I am truly grateful for life experiences that I was able to have this year.  

What many tend to forget (even me!), is money isn’t everything. Money doesn’t make you happy, even though it can ease burden with somethings. At the end of the day, if all you are doing is chasing down money, you are missing out on what’s important enjoying your life, spending time with family, and just stopping to smell the roses.

Amanda is a Florida raised, theme park junkie, furmom extraordinaire. She loves a good adventure with a side of food. You can find her planning her next trip or vegging on the couch with her sidekick (and baby), Bella!

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