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Scream-a-geddon, horror, haunted houses, tampa florida, dade city florida

October 6, 2017: Scream-A-Geddon

If you are like me, you love this time of the year. You love the crisp air, leaves changing… Uh, wait, let’s start that over again.. You love the hot and humid weather, leaves hanging, and scary things! I love Halloween just for the candy and the scary things you can find around. This year is the same. Have to…

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Solomon's Castle, things to do in South Florida

January 22, 2017: Solomon’s Castle

When most people think about Florida they either think of a few places; Orlando, South Beach, and sometimes Tampa. But, what they don’t know is Florida has much more to offer than its beautiful beaches and theme parks. Of course, growing up and even now for that matter, we did the whole theme park bit. While that is fun, but…

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seaworld, seaworld orlando, shamu, theme parks

January 10, 2017: SeaWorld

If you haven’t read my ‘about me’ you may not know that I am located in Central Florida. So, visiting SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are always in the works for me. While I would love to visit Universal and Disney World, they have not been in the budget for me…yet! Since I am an annual pass member to both; Busch…

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