About Me

If you haven’t figured out by now (which then I’ll want to personally talk to you), I am Amanda Byas and this here is my little corner of the universe? Earth? Wait, no, internet!

But without further ado here is everything you need to know about me!

Personal Life

I am Florida girl who has a thing for theme parks. I guess I can thank my parents for taking us to Disney yearly as a child and Busch Gardens often too. They made a crazy theme park girl who desires to have her wallet full of annual passes. I already hold the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens annual pass.

I have more sisters than I want to admit. What’s awesome about that is my one sister, Vanessa will be sharing her experiences here too! Not to mention, I have another sister over at the Perry Family Party that also blogs her journey through life.

With being a sister comes being an Aunt. I can tell you that I am an Aunt to an army.. Well, maybe not an army, but close enough!

I am a furmom to my dog, Bella Weeds. She usually takes over all of my Instagram photos because she’s just so darn cute.

Professional Life

My professional life will seem a bit more interesting for some. For starters, I started working from home in May of 2011. I started out writing. Don’t ask me why or how, but I was a professional freelance writer for the next few years of my life. I contracted with many big name companies. I written everything from product descriptions to landing pages and everything in between.

Of course, fast forward a few years I decided to take a much needed break from the scene and focus on what’s really important… Myself.

But, as my professional life goes I love to say I am a jack of all trades because I’ve done *almost* everything under the sun. I’ve dabbled in telemarketing, writing, virtual assistant, data entry, customer service, technical support, and much, much more.

Dreams/Wishes for the Future

Honestly, I am a dreamer by nature. I love to dream. I love to go after my dreams too. So, my ultimate dream is to own a house with some land and live a comfortable life. By comfortable I don’t mean a lavish life, but one where I can travel and not have to check my bank account every other day, haha!